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what are your favorite new settings in Logic 8?


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Logic 8 has organized pretty well some cool new sounds with less clutter, but its still hard to find really good ones without having to check all the other 200,


so, I thought we could post our findings here.


(some of the background to this post)


I have used main stage now, and love it.

It comes full of great presets for song writing.

I love all of those settings in one place. It kind of reminds me of a bigger version of the templates they give us at open window though...

it would be nice if they mirrored the Logic 8 templates with the main stage templates.


On the other hand, it would be nice if we could compile a list of LogicProHelp user's favorite sounds and then make a new channel strip setting in Logic with all of those settings in one main consortium (As B.T. so eloquently puts it ;).


One way this could work is that we could let it change monthly with updated posts of the file from people that have downloaded it, added their own settings, and then re uploaded it as an updated version in a new post within this thread.




We could just all post our favorites, and then only one person would have to put them all into one, or multiple preset file/s. (maybe Logic can hook that up??)



I really want this list to get huge. Sometimes it is annoying to have to look through thousands of settings to find the cleanest digital or analog sounds for new users. (who don't know synthesis).


And it would be nice to collectively compound all of our individually found factory settings into one preset.


Maybe even add them into an additional template library and that way they could be categorized.


I know we all have our favorites.


Any thoughts on how to best do all this?

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