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Editing the EXS24 in mainstage

Sound of Sam

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Hi All,

last night used mainstage for the first time on stage, running a macbookpro duocore1 2ghz 2gigram, with my electro band, had 3 mics, 2 guitars, and Vdrums plugged into a 002r, running full song backing tracks (10) on 4 exs24's 1=drums 2=bass 3=synths 4=clicktracks, sending out a click to drummer out 3-4, master out to front of house, monitor out to drummer so he can have his own mix in cans, mixing it all using the faders and knobs from an edirol pcrm50, Running compression on every channel, reverb and delays. Have been rehearsing hasnt missed a beat, got on stage and some crackles and pops sounds, did sound check and left it all on and eventually worked fine for gig. This is a huge setup and everytime i rebounce my backing tracks which i do regularly i have to create the exs patch in logic save it and then open it in mainstage a real pain. Would love to able to add new backing tracks and edit the exs instruments in mainstage.

Will this ever be possible. It should be in the next upgrade. any thoughts.

Music Technology Lecturer

Music Producer

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