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May have made a RAM mistake...

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I just bought relatively cheap ram (2 gb stick for $64 CDN... I bought 2 of them), and then realized that, apparently, my macbook can only handle a maximum of 3gb... does this mean that installing the 2 sticks wont' work at all, or it'll only use 3/4 the memory available to it?


Yes, I realize I should've checked this out beforehand...


Ah, ok, just found my answer here...




Now here's my new question.... doesn't Leopard address extra RAM? I'm only running Tiger (and will be until it's pulled from my cold, dead, clutching hands), but I heard that Leopard is able to use more ram than the old limits of Tiger. Is this where this applies, or is the fact that I have a 15" Macbook, bought early last year, mean that I'll just never be able to use more than 3GB on this machine?

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