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Hammond B3 missing after installing Logic 8


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Hi, I've installed and am enjoying the gorgeous Logic Pro 8.


However, I've just gone to load the B3 VST only to find it hasn't been installed.


I followed the install process by the book.


Which disc is it on and what's the best way to install it?


I don't really want to re-install the whole thing!


Many Thanks to you people with the knowledge!

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EVB3? It's inside the application program; as far as I know there's no way NOT to install it. Couple basic checks - are you sure you're bringing up the plugin menu on a software instrument track and not an audio track? Do the ES1, ES2, etc. appear in the same menu? You are using the INPUT menu to bring up the software instruments and not one of the insert slots, right?
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:shock: :?


I'm afraid I don't know what to say except to reinstall. Before going through the whole process, though, try only reinstalling the application itself (and not the content).


The closest situation to yours that I've experienced is finding that EVB3 did not play even though other instruments did (it still showed up in the menu). In that case, the problem was that my student's controller keyboard was broadcasting on the wrong MIDI channel - because it "listens" to different channels for the different manuals, EVB3 doesn't respond on all MIDI channels like the other instruments.


Good luck,



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if you're gonna be a frequent user of the b-3 or are a real player using this au, you must read the manual


it's a different kind of instrument altogether in the way you have to set up your controller etc , with pedals, cabinet - it's deep


and it sounds killing

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No, what I'm saying I can't get any sound whatsoever out of it.


If I load any other instrument, I can immediatley play one of it's presets.


With the B3, I open it and load, say '60's rock organ' no sound at all...





OK. You didn't explain yourself clearly. You said the B3 wouldn't install. But here you say it loads but you don't hear anything. The reason is very simple. The B3 only works in MIDI Channels 1,2, and 3 (fully in 1 and partially in 2 and 3). If you don't want to be that specific you can set the MIDI Channel to All in your instrument parameter box.


Next time explain your problem more clearly.

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I haven't tried the EVB3 yet but I do have a similar prob with one AU plugin which worked fine in L7 but which now refuses to appear in the list of AU effects from the arrange window even though it's status comes up as properly validated in the list of units which have passed.


I suppose I should reinstall?


The weird thing is, though I cannot call up this effect (PSP Warmer) from scratch, if I load an old project from L7 days the effect is there in L8 and works fine, though, as I say, it doesn't appear as available as an AU plugin from the arrange.

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