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Left and right mouse button tools? Whats happened!!


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Yeah thats right i'm pissed!

Ok me? well i've been using logic since notator days on atari ST, I survived the apple buy out and moved from pc to mac and it was the best thing i ever did! Logic 7 is and was amazing for me my work flow and speed of editing is unparalleled than in any other program, I have been using logic 8 everyday for the last 2 weeks and while yes there are improvements, without a doubt, but seriously who was the idiot who took away left and right tools? are they still there? or if you bring them back does that means you lose the new editing functions of the arrange window?

Does anyone feel the same>? I might as well be using Pt or cubase its so damn slow, in L7 I would assign a zoom and a cut on separate mouse buttons, zooming cutting without having to change tools and pressing esc, i could work like a monster now im disabled its like digging a hole with one arm... im not happy at all! I hate PT but now i might as well go and use it, it has the same lame slow editing one button tools?? really cool logic!

I wanna be wrong here but this feels horrible to work in.. the recording features are certainly better my UAD certainly works better, cpu usage is useless, and i have been working on a 1.5 hour concert in 8 and let me tell you the new look of the arrange is imo useless.. i cant see when things start or finish clearly even when normalising and making the waveform look bigger!!!!, in 7 this was easy... i have more negative than positive, in logic 8 the project is already taking alot more time than it usually does!!

I know im whining! but bloody hell my career is using logic 8!

time for a career change?

or join the PT beat detective idiots and sound like everyone else, quantaised?




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I've been using a Logitech MX Laser mouse for over a year(?) now and have had multiple assignable tools out my ying yang, regardless of the changes in Logic.


Keystrokes, functions, apps all controlled from the assignable mouse buttons, function buttons and scroll wheel.


Two tools? You can work faster than that... Think Different. :D

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Thanks for the tip!

i was getting pretty frustrated but really all i needed to do was look into my preferences :oops:

you see the previous 4 version i have never needed to change mouse assignment i wasnt even aware of it... oh well.. im still not keen on logic 8 but im sure i will conform im trying hard to like it! even silly things like saving a chanel strip is weird, its hard to get the menu to open sometimes.. strange thing!

boo hoo!

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