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Song Backups in Logic 8


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Does any one know where the preference to choose the # of backup files in Logic 8

My Logic is only saving 1 song in the Project File Backups folder.

In Logic 7 there is a setting to set the numer of song Backups.


Sadly, you can only now set it to 10 max or so. I think, where in logic you can save 100.

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there is a work around to back up up to 100


and it was just discussed here very recently but i can't locate the post now


it's a "hack" of sorts as i understand it



the thread described elements of what was involved - but not how to do it


if anyone can lay this one out i know it would be handy for all of us


sending out an SOS

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or..a simpler workaround...when ya hit 10, just remane the tune and get ten more...I've gotten in the habit of a hierarchical naming scheme..


xxx_ver_1, ver_1a,1b,1c, etc...


If I make a MAJOR change, I start with xxx_v2_a, xxx_v2_b, etc...


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