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L8 Key commands questions...


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Hi, two main Kcommands problems for which I would be very grateful to get some help:


1 - I can't quite find the key command title for the command which - in L7 - would allow me to get any tracks automatically resized to the size of the smallest tracks currently on the arrange page (control-click in bottom left corner of track header)


2 - in the Kcommands menu, although I did set a number of other commands, including setting "T" to be the "Tap tempo" command (which in L7 was my tapping command) and eventhough I set the tempo interpreter on getting the tempo after 4 quarter note taps (as I had it in L7), there is absolutely NO affect when attempting to use this command to tap tempo...


THank in advance for your help.

Best wishes.

M Logic Pro > Preferences... > Key Commands... Logic Pro > Preferences... > Key Commands...

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I seem to be having the same problem with the tap tempo. Even though I set the key command correctly, it has no effect when I tap in the tempo. With Pro Tools, as well as Ableton Live, learning to tap in the tempo was a piece of cake. I have to be doing something wrong, because Logic has been pretty simple to learn besides this one problem. Somebody? Anybody?
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