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ESX24 not showing samples saved into it


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I was setting up the ESX24 with lots of samples and saved it and all works no problem.


I then did some more to the tune I was doing and then wanted to use a sample I had not already loaded into the ESX24 so I opened up the ESX24 and hit edit to get the same inst. up im already using and added a new sample and saved it as the samefile name so its all still on the same one.


Then did some more work to the tune and saved the project so as not to loose what I had done.


Then I went back into the project and the new sample I had just uploaded was not there in the sampler and not playing.


I just reloaded the sampler with the same file name that I was using before and it came up no problems and played so I know it is there etc. but what I want to know is how can I stop it from loosing the data every time I save it and then have to reload the sampler again with the same file just to 'reset; it if you like to have all the saved samples.


Hope this makes sense and any help would be great :-)

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