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Audio input to logic


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This is my first post here, I;ve been using logic pro for a few weeks now but there is one really simple thing I just can't figure out, I've tried all the instruction manuals but I just cant figure it!


Its just to input audio into logic, I have a MacMini with a usb audio interface with 2 microphone sockets on, it goes straight into GarageBand no problem but I just cant get into logic!


Ive looked in the mac settings and its under there in the core audio thing as the only audio input so I really dont know where to go now?!


If anyone coudl help it would be great!





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There's not a lot of information in your post. I presume you're using Logic Pro 8, and that you're not talking about OS X System Preferences/Sound but Logic Pro 8's Preferences. I also presume you're not talking about Logic's "Settings." These things are separate and different. I also don't know much about the USB interface you've got, or anything about your mics.


You have to tell Logic which interface to use or it will default to your Mini's built-in audio. Using Logic's "Preferences/Audio/Devices/Core Audio/Device" path, see if your interface appears in the Device pop-up list. Select it if it does. If it doesn't appear, you may need to install or update a driver for that interface. Assuming you can select your interface there, and that you've selected an audio track and not a MIDI track, you've also got to tell Logic which interface input you want it to use. This is done by selecting an input that corresponds to your interface in the pop-up menu just below "I/O" on the target track's channel strip. If you've already done all of this correctly, then it sounds as though your signal's not strong enough.


"Mic sockets" doesn't convey whether you have line inputs or mic inputs. Mic inputs are usually XLRs, and have three pins arranged in a semi-circle. If that's the kind of socket your interface has, then it probably has a preamp - not definitely, but probably. If your sockets are tip-and-sleeve plugs, then a preamp is less likely. You can get a weak signal, at best, without using a preamp.


If you're using a preamp with a condenser mic, make sure your phantom power is turned on. If you don't have phantom power available, you won't be able to hear a condenser mic. If you're using a dynamic mic, you may have to push the preamp to produce a usable signal level. I haven't used GarageBand in years, so don't remember for sure, but it's likely that it uses a consumer standard for signal strength rather than the pro standard that Logic uses, -10 dB versus +4 dB. There should be a way for you to select the appropriate level on your interface. Also, many audio interfaces have selectable pads to attenuate the signal in high dB situations. If yours does, make sure the pad is not selected. Also make sure that you're routing the signal from the correct interface output to the computer. If you have more than one input socket, there's probably more than one output.


If none of this helps, you'll have to provide more information.

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