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Create Green Apple Loops Issues (SIALs)

Eric Wikman

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I've been cutting up some drum grooves, recorded in midi (EZ Drummer)... thru a Roland V-Drum kit.


I'm having some issues creating Green Apple Loops .. or "Software Instrument Apple Loops" for short.


1. These is no Key Comm for Add to Apple Loops Library. (Did I miss it?)


2. Left 1/2 of the mini Loop Utiltiy... Scale, Genre & descriptors won't remember the settings of the very last loop. I have to set them every time!


3. I can seem to only add ONE Green Apple Loop at a time, although the banner says "adding LOOPS to Loop Browser"). It will just ignore other selected regions. So #2 above takes much more time, if you have a lot of regions to add.


4. Playback of Green Loops from the Loop Browser actually playback the Audio files, and so don't sound great when auditioned in slow tempo etc. Why not just audition wit hthe midi info included with the green loop?


Edgars PDF even seems to says we can add region(s)...


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1. No, there is no key command.


3. Yes, you can only create one green apple loop at a time, several blue at a time in ALU.


4. IMO that's actually an important feature of green apple loops: instant preview of the audio file. It means you can preview it without having to load the channel strip for that software instrument. I use that feature to save my software instrument Channel Strip Settings with a preview, and preview them in the Loops browser, and dragging the loop to load them. That means I can have an instant audio preview of all my CSS without having to load them.

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Thanks for the help David.

BTW, I have two new computers, both with completely clean installs of my whole system.


Making these green loops on my MP Octo, I get a crash every 2-3 loops created!

Still on 10.4.11 there.


On my MBP 2.2, it will crash about every 10th loop created. I'm on Leopard on this one.

Seems pretty un-stable.

Also.. somehow im my "my loops" (& in the Loop Browser) folder on the MBP, I got about 4k worth of other loops that were installed by Logic. Shouldn't these be with the other loops?


Also, now that I am using Logic 8 somewhat on this new Laptop... getting core Overload messages on my MBP 2.2 (200 gig internal 7200)... running 3 midi tracks an 2 EZ-Drummers.

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