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Sample Editor redundant now?


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Anyone else feel that now with Logic 8's sample accurate editing in the

arrange, doesn't the sample editor seem redundant? It's functions are

still useful,but I find the window/editor gets in the way and makes for

an unneeded extra step for editing audio.


If they moved all the functions to a single new tab in the arrange window

one could simply select an audio region and choose the functions

without having to open the separate editor. All the functions could be

accessible via the Short Cut menu as well.


Logic already has some great zoom functions that I've quickly mastered

it would be easier for me to select,zoom and do the task,all the while

having a visual cue of the colored region,and better reference to other

adjacent regions. The zoomed in view could show your regions anchors

and start/end points as well.


anyone agree? I already filled out a feedback report on Apples site on this.



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