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Plug in stopped working!!!


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I have the East West Symph. Orch. Gold Pro XP


Been using it in Logic pro as a plug-in for 4 months now , up until now, no worries. Suddenly this evening, when I go to select it from the audio instrument tracks, it's not there! It's still working as a stand - alone, all the sound files are still intact. I've re-install Gold XP but still nothing. I also have Hardcore bass XP, this still works as a plug-in . Any suggestions??


Please help!



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I'm using Logic7 pro on Mac OSX 10.4.11


but hey, fixed it now I went to logics AU manager under "preferences" and re-scanned the XP Gold Symp. Orch. working fine now but not sure why it dissapeard as a plug-in in the first place?

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