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logic start up problem

Guest quicksand

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After formating my pc, I installed my logic 5 again; it started up, and I changed the driver 2 setting, to use the asio digidesign driver, for my Mbox.

Logic prompted me to restart the program.

And now it will not start up, because it stops with a pop up window, telling me:


" Audiowerk not found (-10400)", and it crashes.

deinstall. and reg.cleaning is not helping me, even installing an older version does the same.


And I do not have audiowerk hardware !!


What is wrong ???

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i had the same thing but it was from the waves5 buandle.

be coz when you install waves5 it will install as DX and VST plugin

so you have to disable it from the vst enabler.


maybe this will help you. 8)

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