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USB Keyboard changing screensets


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I have a baffling issue. My friend has a G5 Quad, and the USB cable from a MIDI keyboard is plugged into a USB hub which is directly connected to the back of the G5.


When running LP8, with a USB MIDI keyboard using USB connection (several different ones tried eg Midiman Radium and Korg K25) playing F# changes screenset to screenset 1, G note does nothing, G# changes screenset to screenset 3, A changes screenset to screenset 4, A# to screenset 5, B to screenset 6, C to screenset 7, and C# to screenset 8.


The other keys do not respond, and the Transport shows no MIDI In info.


Tried booting LP7 up without changing anything, and the MIDI keyboard works fine.


Anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?


Thank you for any help you can provide! :-)



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Hey everyone,


Called another friend/Logic user Phil Koulogianes, and he fixed the problem.


He had me delete my friend's Mackie Control from the Control Surfaces pane and then add again.


The USB Korg K25 and the Midiman Radium both worked normally immediately.


Phil says it may be corruption caused by the Mackie as he has resolve this problem with another user who also had a Mackie Control.


Thanks Phil! :-)



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