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new to apple, logic 8, motu ultralite, novation - help me ;)

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Hello, I have recently ditched my old pc, cubase and my hardware - and i am looking for help with my new set up. I have never owned a mac or used logic 8.

I am looking to produce drum and bass/ dubstep using logic 8, plugins, soft synth, soft samplers.

I'm sure thers a lot of people with this equipment new to logic and apple - I would really appreciate some help, advice , opinions and answers to my questions.


The set up is...


Macbook pro, Processor2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB, Hard Drive 160GB Serial ATA Drive@5400rpm


logic pro 8


motu ultralite


novation remote le


sometimes access virus ti



- How is it best to set up these items together for a smooth simple work flow?


- Do i need to purchase an external drive? Whats good?


- which internal macbook pro drive is best for this setup 7200rpm or is 5400rpm enough?


please help i live in the middle of nowhere and have no freinds with this setup... :(

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welcome :)


regarding external drive....... it's always preferable to keep projects on external drives....


keep the system drive as clean as possible...this will allow logic to breathe and run smoother, especially considering you have a 5400 internal


if you have a fw800 port then buy an external drive ( i use a lacie triple 7200 rpm, but others may be able to recommend better???)...preferably with its own power supply


wire your ultralite to the fw 400 and the other drive to the fw800


they actually share the same bus, and the firewire drive will step down as a result...however i think you will still run into less problems than if you daisychain to the back of the ultralite


alternatively (as i will soon do), buy an express card fw adaptor...this will give you a completely independant firewire bus to be able to truly achieve fw800 transfer rates



don't worry , you'll find a lot of logic friends here...and i believe you will really love logic....i also came from pc cubase via pc protools........


good luck

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oh...my bad..thought you already had it



that's completely different....go for the 7200 drive....i did the same...had to wait two weeks longer, but it was well worth the wait.....


the extra speed on the internal will be beneficial for keeping the program and the samples/instruments tight as well for the system in general


but i still recommend that you go with an external drive for recording audio/projects to...there are many reasons for this, but you will come up against problems sooner or later with projects

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