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Green Loop behavior for Host w/o plugin?

Eric Wikman

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Can someone tell me what happens when a Host computer, gets a library of Green Loops, and doesn't have the correct plug-in(s)?


I know it will audition the Audio file, so that is ok.


But what if it is dragged to an empty Audio Instrument track?

Will it just tell you it's missing, and then continue to load, and it's up to the user to replace it?

Say EZ-Drummer/BFD.. replaced with UB?

Thanks again.


I just made about 300 Green Apple... drum grooves/variations.

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Wanna upload one here and I'll try it, give you a definite answer?


Here is one.

With EZ-Drummer.. this has a nice cymbal/ride thing going on, but with Logic's kits, it's not there. Looks lke a note triggering D0.

I think EZ's Free Player can do the midi groove translations for diff mappings. I'm looking into it. Thanks for the help.


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