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Waves SSL Bundle or Focusrite Liquid Mix?

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The cool thing about the Liquid Mix is I get a hardware controller as part of the deal and it's $200 less. And it includes the SSL comp & eq, no CPU hit, etc.


So why do I feel like I still want the Waves SSL? I'm torn. Need some opinions, recommendations.


I have not dl'd the Waves demo yet. Even with an iLok it's still a PITA so forget that.





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Yeah, I tend to agree with ya there Dave.


I hesitate on purchases like this though. It seems only a matter of time before audio software and to some extent hardware drops in price across the board, especially with L8 costing what it does.


Seven bones man....are products like this really worth it? I guess it depends on how it translates to the ears of the listener.


I dunno, maybe they don't see Logic's pricing as a threat or just don't care. Either way it would seem like a ridiculously extravagant expense given what I paid for L8.


Still I'll probably get the Focusrite dammit. Used on Ebay or something stupid.

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I know it wasn't part of you're two choices, but what about the uad card/or xpander?


UAD doesn't have the SSL emulation, and UAD can run a lot less instances than Liquid Mix with one card, and if you go to 2 cards to try to match up, you're paying twice the price.


Sound quality-wise, however, UAD does beat out Liquid Mix in its neve and LA-2 emulations. I have LM, Waves and UAD (2 cards).


Waves SSL is very good, but the price of upgrade every year is annoying, and single emulation is annoying for the price of liquid mix. I have it in case I run out of Liquid Mix instances when I run some recording at 96Khz.


Also advantage of Liquid Mix is that it won't eat up your processor power like Waves SSL can. It's not a huge power hog, but it does add up.


I do use the Waves SSL 4000 's bus on the outs though. There is a way to do this with Liquid Mix too, but I don't do it as often.



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