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Help Many Bugs


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can you help?????? pro 8 has many bugs!!

1. When hitting play, the error message comes up: "Disk is too slow or System Overload" (-1008) or others

2. In global markers-when manually lengthening marker with corner drag-Pro 8 crashes and will not do any more!

3. Flashing mixer channel in separate mixer page on Midi multi-Instrument devices-also unable to reselect the channel!

4. In piano roll and with link (both links on) to logical editor list-cursor wont follow the notes down the list!

5. When in arrange page and a midi track locked to SMPTE, and global tempo track is then edited with tempo events, when unlocking previously locked track, all notes are moved on the grid backwards and out of time! (edits are both up/down)

6. Intermittently the audio engine wont play after starting Pro 8-silence

7. More which are I cant remember.


New Quad core Mac Pro 2.66Ghz 2Gb RAM, Tiger OS X-latest update, Presonus Firestudio Project and Sapphire LE audio interfaces (same probs with both)


Merry Christmas


Paul Stokes (Composer) http://[/www.emeraldcitypro.co.uk] :(

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Yo Paul.


Quite a list. We have a team of Logic firefighters here. Don't worry...


Detail each of the most important problems.


i.e. 1. When hitting play, the error message comes up: "Disk is too slow or System Overload" (-1008)


Is this every time you hit play? Do you have all of your screensaver/ sleep functions set to Never in the Energy Saver System Preferences?


Put Disks To Sleep = off?


Are you running a FW drive and a FW audio interface?


Have you tried to focus on one audio interface and uninstalled the other and it's drivers?


Firmware and driver updates for all your hardware including the Mac?

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Hi M,

The error wasn't every time I hit play-intermittent....

Have just put screen-saver to never however disks were off.....

Alternately using the Presonus Firewire Project and Sapphire LE firewire interfaces all with latest drivers.....

Mac-updated the firewire drivers.......





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