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Getting Logic 8 to utilizes loops and such from a new source


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Logic 8 running on a dual core imac (aluminum)


I've added a hard drive to the system with tons of loops and sounds. How do I get Logic to recognize it and make those available? They are apple loops, BFD samples and others.



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Drag and drop your Apple Loops straight into the Loop Browser, or better still transfer the files here '/Library/Audio/Apple Loops for a more organized menu.


You can also make use of the Apple Loops Utility to customize descriptions of musical style, instrument type, key etc. Its all about getting things organized when your dealing with large numbers of files, its a bit of a bore but well worth doing.


Other samples can be accessed via the EXS24, via the Bin or even Ultrabeat.


When saving as a project all related files will be stored together with the project in a folder, this saves time when loading your song.

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