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Forum having problems?


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It is just me, or the forum is having some problems?


The automatic login it's not working here anymore.

If I check the appropriate checkbox when logging in, when I come back a day or two later, I have again to log in.

It doesn't keep my user state.


Also, even if I'm logged in, I can't see the indication of messages I didn't read yet (the post blue button there's supposed to be lit on unread messages).


David, could be something with Safari 3.0.4 and Leopard or the server is having trouble?



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I know I stay logged in... but in any case the forum software is going to be updated soon (within a month or two at the latest) so all those problems will hopefully magically disappear.


OK. Let's wait then.




And for the records.

Just now, I had to log in again to answer this post.


When I creted it, a few minutes ago, I logeed in and check the 'remember me or automatic log-in checkbox thing'.

Did not work.



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