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outputting a signal from Logic to use outboard gear


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Hi Guys,


my equipment:


Mac book PRO 2.33 ghz, 2 gig ram, Logic Pro 7.2, FOCUSRITE SAFFIRE PRO 10 IO, SANS AMP (BASS DI) and Saffire Control Pro (the software that drives the focusrite audio interface.



Hi guys, thanks in advance for your help here




Stage 1:

I recently recorded a our bass player, he had an active pickup on the bass.. ok the part is recorded, but the DI'd sound alone was "OK" nothing to write home about.


Spoke to a few Muso mates of mine - they suggested that quite a common work around is:


play the present recorded bass audio OUT from LOGIC and then MIC and record the BASS AMP. this way i can get a nice mix of "The DI'd bass" plus a recording of the same take played through an AMP (which would have been ideal- but the bass player didn't have a good amp)




stage 2: borrowed a SANS AMP - DI box, and the bass played through it and then recorded sounds pretty good... have to say, quite impressed...



I have been trying to ROUTE the output of the RECORDED BASS AUDIO, OUT from Logic, THROUGH the Sans amp and BACK INTO LOGIC and recorded onto another track...Almost like using it as a piece of outboard gear i guess?...


PROBLEM: I'm just getting confused and, well i haven't got it to work ... plain and simple...


1) It's recorded as a MONO track, and the outputs on the FOCUSRITE SAFFIRE CONTROL PRO go in PAIRS, So, OUTPUTS 1-2 the main outputs- ok, I can select OUTPUT 3 but the Saffire CONTROL PRO only allows me to select outputs in PAIRS and to be honest, i don't think I'm doing this correctly,


2) Because when i finally get some signal it's REALLY poor and the slightest touch of any of the controls (on either the input gain on the SAFFIRE, OR the drive on the SANS AMP and it just goes into some ridiculous Feedback sounding loop??


MY understanding of how it should work is:


• play the recorded BASS part OUT from logic, so select on the TRACK/CHANNEL the output (i.e output 3-4 instead of 1-2)


• then connect the output from the back of the SAFFIRE with a lead, plug INTO the sans amp (as if logic was the bass player/guitar. OUT from the sans amp - is an XLR which goes into (i.e.) CHANNEL 4 on the back of the SAFFIRE...


• I mess around slightly with the level...get the sound i want


• select a TRACK in Logic, choose INPUT 4 the input which the XLR goes into (like any other input)


Press RECORD - the "bass gets played" by logic as opposed to the real bassist

The signal get recorded on the NEW T RACK...voi la all are happy....


But it's not the case....So what am i doing wrong?


Cheers for the help guys,


Ket :)

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Hi Ket,

try this:

1. select for your recorded Bass track outputs 1-2 and pan the the track hard left.

2. connect output1 from your saffire (via cable,what else) into your SANS AP in

3. connect yor SANS AMP output to input 4 of your Saffire

4. select in a new audio track in logic input 4 - set its output NOT to 1-2

5. arm this track for being ready to RECORD so that this REC button blinks

6. now you should see your incoming signal level on this track when you hit play

7. try to adjust the incoming level with the output level of your SANS AMP

Now you should have at least a signal flow that works without feedback.

If you have a bad sound out of your SANS AMP it could have to do with that REAMPING-thing, I am not quite shure.

I hope i didn´t forget anything...

hope that works !


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