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Logic 8 & Komplete 4 Problem


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Hi Guys,


noticed a few people on here have had problems with running their NI gear on logic 8



well my problem started pretty much straight from install, as the AU Device manager has disabled all the NI plugins (and some of my favourites from smarteletronix, such as LiveCut & Supatrigga) and keeps saying that it can't open them when i re-run the device manager.


just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and has the answer?


obviously i'm going to do a reinstall just to be on the safe side, but any additional help or knowledge would be great


Many Thanks




PS running on a 15.4" MBP 2.16GHz Core Duo with 2GB RAM

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i use battery 3


no problems on install or valiation but i have to tread very carefully when using


battery 3 seems to be responsible for 90% of my crashes....NI have apparently always had stability issues, so i wait patiently for a fix....for me, in any case, it seems to be an NI issue, not a logic one....


when instantiating battery now, i am careful to save beforehand, and not be as maverick as to call it up while the song is playing.....beach ball, beach ball, beach ball, and.......crash


anyways..try the fresh install and get onto the NI site to check that you have all the necessary updates...


sorry i couldn't be of more help



good luck

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no worries man, i find the same thing across the board, i even have problems with ni stuff in ableton, and we all know how rapid and stable that thing is!


to be honest i think its probably got something to do with the fact that i had OSX fall over on me the other day and had to do an archived reinstall. i've since backed everything up data wise (a close shave i can tell you!) so i'll probably do a complete erase and reinstall over the weekend just to give everything a clean slate!


a ball breaker of an exercise, but no doubt it'll be worth it in the long term!


thanks for the reply feller, and hope you find something that doesn mena you have to tread too carefully in future! :)

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I had several issues when I upgraded too... but I think it was a Mac OS 10.5 and Mac Intel thing


I updated all my NI software to the most recent but I skipped some in-between updates that where crucial to operation.


The updates from NI are no comprehensive, so you actually have to run each upgrade in chronological order in most cases.


They almost all work for me now... but not 100% stable.

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that's interesting......


i wonder if i could still track down those missing updates


i was living in a meditation retreat for the last 5 months, until last month......i hasten to add that downloading software updates was not at the forefront of my mind


i did however download the latest update (back in the 'real' world)


just assumed it would work........but i may be missing some pieces of the puzzle




seems strange though....how difficult would it be to incorporate the coding that had gone before and just modify what was necessary.???....bizarre

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