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New, need help with ultrabeat


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ive watched tons of video, and the options that are given there are not available in my window. Would it possibly be due to the fact that i have no other hardware running? Just logic opened on my mac. I have no interface running or anything. Is it possible to just open ultrabeat and use as is?
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are you watching L7 vids


it shouldn't make a difference whether hardware is connected


i can't really remember L7, but....


the default project should have audio tracks and audio instruments set out....if so, select an audio instrument on the arrange...this should bring it up on the left side of the screen


if not......


read the first sections of the manual....and find out how to create an audio instrument track



when you have the instrument channel open on the left side of the screen, look for the box that says i/o.....click on this and hold.......


this should bring up a menu with all of your installed instruments available



chose ultrabeat and, if it doesn't automatically open the ultrabeat gui - double-click the i/o rectangle (should now say ultrabeat) to open the plug ........that's it




really though, this should be covered very early on in the manual...probably even the getting stared guide.....it's worth putting in a bit of time reading some of this......and then post when things really get confusing




good luck

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I'll hand it to you, some things about Logic are a bit confusing compared to other DAW's I've used but nonetheless a good system once you're used to it. I'm a student who has been using and growing familiar with it the past month. In order to open Ultrabeat or any of the internal synths of Logic you must first create a new track and open it as an unused instrument track. You don't need any external hardware to use these internal synths as they are inclusive to Logic for use with MIDI. You could of course use a MIDI controller to perform the MIDI but you get what I'm saying. After creating the new track you should then refer to your track's channel strip which is located at the bottom left portion of your application window. You may not be able to see the entire field, if this is the case the field above it should say something like Inst 1 Audio Object with a small triangle which can be clicked to shrink this field to have access to all of your channel strip. Above your channel fader will be 2 buttons for the I/O. The top one will give you choice for the input of the track and the bottom one will give you choice for the output. Click and hold the top button to choose the input. mouse over the stereo selection>Logic>find ultrabeat in the list. I hope this helps you out my friend! God bless you!



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