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Hello there i just got logic 8 today and was wondering on what Audio Interface to get. I was looking at the M-Audio FireWire 410 and it looks good to me but was wondering if it will work with Logic 8 with Leopard OS. Also I'll be connecting Keyboards, mic and an MPC 1000 into the interface. Would you recommend the M-Audio one or is there something better out there i should look at.

Thanks for the help!

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I've used a 410 for a couple of years now. It has three drawbacks. First, in order to work with 10.4.11 you need to install an earlier driver, 1.7.4, instead of the current one, 1.8.2. After that it works fine. Second, it doesn't like other devices on the FW bus. Even powering up a FW800 drive makes the 410 twitchy. Third, M-Audio has not produced any driver that will permit you to run two M-Audio interfaces simultaneously. That being said, the 410 otherwise does everything I ask and always has.


I don't know if other interfaces have these limitations or not, but I'd definitely find out before I bought anything. And if I were in the market for a new one, I'd give Focusrite's interfaces a real close look.

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I like the MOTU Ultralite too. Lots of inputs/outputs for the money, and MOTU is already on top of Leopard if you plan to upgrade.

Well i just bought the MOTO Ultralite. I have a 2.2 macbook that came with Leopard! So i needed something that works with Leopard. Thats why i bought Logic and because protools is taking forever to get update for Leopard! So i switched for Protools to Logic hopefully it will be a good change! :lol:

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