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Kontact plus Logic 8 another multi question.


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I couldn't find an answer to this in past threads but I may have overlooked something so I apologize if this has been covered before. I'm trying to set up Kontakt 3 in Logic 8 so that I can have multiple instruments/sample sets all playing independently of each other on different midi channels through different audio auxes.


So far I've managed to route multiple instruments/sample sets through various audio auxes, but when I go the change the midi channel for a specific kontakt track it changes them all. Any help would be great on this one.

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what you have to do is set whatever sound you are trying to route to its own group. then from there you assign that group to a specific out. for example, if you were trying to have the kick from come out of 1 you would select the kick in the mapping editor then go to the edit screen. it will have an option that says "zone to new goup (empty)". choose that one. from there just send that group to the out you want..
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