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Koto Apple Loops

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Here is a zip file of some Koto Apple Loops I made.

I did about 300 of them, but this is just a small taste.

I really want to get good at making Apple Loops.

They are kind of raw, as in you might have to go into ALU and adjust some slice markers.

They are dry, so add some crazy processing to them if needed.


Here is a small problem using these that I working out.


This Koto was tuned to a Harmonic Minor scale (i think).

They fit over an A7 chord (root recording), but the way the Loop Browser works, if I key these as A, they will be used as the key of A, so you might have to transpose the track you drag them to to get it to fit your song's key.

So far I have dealt with regular Maj & Minor stuff.

A7 is the 5 chord of Dmaj, so you might key these in ALU for Dmaj, but since the open strings are not tuned to a Major scale that won't really work.

Let me know how others use these other scales with the loop browser.

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