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Multi-Channel Plug-ins and Auxes


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I think maybe I just haven't figured out this workflow yet so maybe someone can help me out. But I usually arrange things on a multi without he outputs set. Then when it comes to mix I'll send the outs to the appropriate buses. But here's the thing, they added the convenient plus button to automatically add the Auxes but when you do that it doesn't create the arrange track. Now this confuses the hell out of my control surface, which pretty much from that point forward will no longer properly represent what I have in Logic. I have to add the auxes to the arrange window (ctrl click on the track) and place them after the plug in instance, but they never end up being 'right' I'll get ghost faders. Things won't be sleected properly or multiple things end up selected. Its really weird and has pretty much messed up my workflow since switching. So am I doing something wrong?
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