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Routing Main Output to Other than 1-2??


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Help! Maybe I'm a complete moron, but here's my predicament with Logic 8:


Bouncing takes from output 1-2, forever...is this not changeable?

Logic defaults to output 1-2, can't find where to change this either

My preamp for my monitors and headphones is going out of 9-10


I would really like to route main output to 1-2 AND 9-10 (I'm using a Motu Traveler and a Mac by the way and I can't seem to find a way to do this from the Traveler software either).


I know I could route a send and then route that to 9-10, but it seems like there should be a reeeeally simple way of getting the main output to multiple outs? Can anyone help, been trying to find a way of doing this for a few hours now and I give up! It's so easy in Ableton Live, the routing is right above the main outs... Thanks a lot for any help! Ed

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