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Speaker stands

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I'm gettin my new pair of monitors by the end of the month and i'm not sure what kind of stands i should in order to eliminate the vibration as much as possible. They won't be placed anywhere on my desk as it's too small...Any suggestions about what i could use?



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The compact Sound Anchors are fantastic. While it seems like an initially out-of-this-world expense they are a) extremely solid monitor stands with tons of heft and reduce vibrations to near nothing b) will last forever - the only reason you might buy another pair is for another set of monitors/another room c) will be custom built to your specifications.
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After browsing the available (and reasonably priced) stands, we custom-built a pair for Genelec 1037 monitors (about 85 lbs each). It was inexpensive (the stands, that is) and the results at avoiding structural transmission (we could easily measure that) amazed many in the studio. Here's the recipe, just in case:


per speaker stand:


4 tubular metal table legs, about 2.5 inches in diameter (you could even get some from Ikea, but make sure they are really well built if your monitors are heavy)

2 pieces of wood the size of the base of your speakers and 2 inches thick

4 super high-grade tennis balls

16 screws, roughly 3 inches long

Sand to fill the tubes

more screws for the table legs (see below)


From the floor up, solidly screw the table legs upside down on the first piece of wood. Fill them with sand. On top of each, after you made sure the edge of the metal is not sharp, place a tennis ball. Then roof it all with the second piece of wood, after setting underneath the long screws so as they will "cage" super-precisely every tennis ball to maintain them in place (4 screws per ball).


Of course, the trick is to find the perfect height acoustically. We had to raise each stand with one layer of bricks.


Change the tennis balls every year or so.

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