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Space Design Problem in Logic 7 after Logic 8 upgrade


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Hi, I've encountered this problem with the Space Design Plugin, since I upgraded from Logic Pro 7 to Logic Studio. I have been trying to figure this out for a couple weeks now and I have had no response from Apple... Any help or ideas would be much appreciated as I would like to carry on using Logic 7 for unfinished projects... the Space Design reverb is crucial for me...


Brief Summary: Impulse Responses defective in Space Design in LogicPro 7 since Logic Studio Uprade

CPU: power macintosh G5 2.7ghz


APP: Logic Pro 7.1.1 and Logic Studio 8 Upgrade

OS: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Audio Manufacturer: MOTU

Audio Model: 896 HD

Audio Driver Version: standard MOTU firewire 896HD driver Cd

Midi Model: audiotrak - MIDI Mate

Reproducible?: Always [when Steps to Reproduce are followed]


Steps to reproduce:

When attempting to load any preset in the Space Designer in Logic pro 7 the following dialogue pops up:

"Impulseresponse file defective (Space Designer)Please load a different IR"

This happens since i installed the Upgrade version of Logic Studio (Logic Pro 8 ).




It seems that since i installed the Logic Studio upgrade the 'drop down menu'that displays the presets in the Space Designer in Logic Pro 7 has also been updated/upgraded, and is exactly like the one in Logic Studio, but the actual plugin has not changed (ie/there is no EQ function, etc).


The Space Designer's resonse has not changed in the previous projects but everytime i open the plugin in LogicPro7 since the upgrade and attempt to load a preset the error message pops up and i am left with the standard 'no preset' reverb sound.



Thanks for reading!

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