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My tracks are dead after overdubbing.


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Since upgrading to v8, I've been having a very annoying problem when I overdub onto a track already containing midi or audio regions. Upon subsequent playback the whole track mysteriously goes dead (ie., no audio output, even though the regions are visible). If I record-enable the track, I can hear audio coming through my software instrument or microphone as the case may be, but when I hit play, that track is just "dead". Undoing the record action doesn't even help. The only thing that I've had success with is "reverting to saved", which is of course drastic and totally unacceptable.


I've been encountering this problem with different software instruments AND audio inputs, so I know it's not specific to a particular plug-in. Seems to be an arrange window problem.


I would be EXTREMELY grateful for any help you might provide.


(I'm running Logic Pro 8 on 3GHz 8-core Intel Mac running 10.4.11, with plenty of RAM and system overhead.)



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