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Can not get sound out of my Logic pro 7 / Macbook Pro!!!


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I've just installed my Logic Pro 7 and I went to try the 'Test Song' and I pressed play and the line moves but I get know sound. I'm using a Macbook Pro and an Edirol 101 external soundcard but I have tried it on internal and external and nothing.


What do I need to do to correct this??



Drasik :? :(

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well.....this could be a number of things, and seeing as you're a noob, we'll try to guide you through




you need to locate the preferences menu within the logic program........this should be one of the drop-down menus at the top of the logic screen



within this menu you are looking for the audio settings....


from memory (i'm on L8 now so can't check) this will contain the settings for the audio interfaces.....


you should be able to chose your soundcard, if it is installed correctly



have you done this??????

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Cheers for your help, I got the external soundcard working.



Drasik :D


P.S. While I'm here!!...as I'm so new to all this and the Logic manuals scare the crap out of me

could you advise me on a quick route to picking up the basics of Logic e.g. Tutorial DVD's (AskVideo Logic Pro etc.) Youtube tutorials, books or do I need to just face it and read the Apple manuals?

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