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looking to upgrade my hardware-help?


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im studying a degree in music technology, and i am slowly building a little home studio.

i am running logic pro 7.2 on a little mini mac at the moment, but as you can imagine it is a bit (very) slow and just cant handle it.

my dad just bought the new logic studio 8, and i want it. but the spec of my current computer is too low, so i am looking at upgrading to a macbook 2.2ghz with 2gb of RAM. do you think this will be able to handle the workload well? and be able to cope with multitrack recording? as well as be a general everyday computer?


i know this is a bit vague but any help or suggesstions would be very much appriciated.



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Most folks running LP8 on a portable seem to think a MacBook is a little light. A MacBook Pro, however, seems to be up to the task. Being a desktop guy myself, this is all hearsay on my part. Search for Spectacle's posts, and you can find a lot of pertinent info on the subject.
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