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Editing and exporting files in Logic (former PTS user)


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I made the switch from PTS to Logic 8. Logic is great but I miss some functions that I had in PTS.

There is a function on PTS called "tab to transient" that I used frequently. You basically press the tab key and the cursor goes to the beginning of the wave file you are trying to edit. It makes editing audio a breeze. No looking for that exact start point of your audio. I know that Logic has a similar function but I can't seem to figure it out.

I make loops for a sample sound company and I need to use this function a lot.


I also have a question about exporting files. I usually have to export about 300 or so loops for a product. Sometimes a loop may just be an open hi hat on beat 2, but the loop needs to be four bars in length so that the other parts line up when you import them into a session. I shift my audio around usually 10 ms to get the "feel" that I want. That means that the audio doesn't start exactly on the "one". So, say I have 10 4 bar loops(bass, guitars etc) that are for example 80 bpm, 2 mbs in size and 12 seconds in length. When I "export all tracks" they should all show up as 2 mbs in size and 12 seconds in length in the bounce folder, right ? But some show up at 1.8 mbs etc and like 11 seconds etc. Even though I have cycling set at 4 bars. I then have to go back in the session, rename and bounce those files individually that aren't exactly 4 bars long. When you are on a time crunch and have to export 300+ loops, that is an absolute nightmare. I need everything to line up perfectly. All files 4 bars etc. I don't want to have to bounce them individually because that would take way too much time and Logic exports files in stereo or multi mono. I don't need stereo kick drums, or hi hats etc. If you grab the left or right side of a multi mono track and discard the other half, the file doesn't sound right. That's why I need to export so that mono files stay mono.

In PTS you can just "consolidate", which I think in Logic speak is "merge " the files. Consolidation in PTS takes all the bits of audio on a track and makes it into one audio file. You can even consolidate a one shot sample to be a loop of any size you chose. But merging in Logic doesn't seem to work unless there are multiple pieces of audio to merge.

In PTS you can set the beginning and end point by dragging over the file, (almost like a marquee tool) highlight the # of bars you wanted to consolidate the file to and shift/option 3 and it will make your little one hit sample into one file ( 2 bars, 4 bars etc). If you need to do all the tracks, you simply "select all" and it will make all the files the same # of bars. Then you can go into the audio folder and grab them. Can I do this in Logic? Please tell me I can.......My PTS won't open because I upgraded to Leopard (Oops!)

I love Logic but I need those PTS functions desperately so that I can finish some projects that are long overdue.

Appreciate any help I can get on this.



Macbook Pro 15, 2.2 ghz, 2g Ram, 120 g hd, 120 g external hd, Mac OS X (10.5) Fireface 400, Alesis Ion, Oxygen 8, Mpd 24, Avalon U5, KRK VXT 8's

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