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Ist time with Macbook Pro, Tone port Ux8, Logic 7 What now?


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Hi Logic Pros,

This is my ist attempt to record 6 tunes using Logic Pro, Tone Port UX8 on my new macbook pro. I need to record bass, guitar and a sax possibily at the same time. I'll be recording to sampled drums (EZ drumming) Everything seems to work ok meaning that I'm getting a reading on every channel. Is there anything I need to know or set up before I start recording? I know nothing about Logic Pro! I've only used Cubase SX on an Ibook with the M- audio Ozone interface. I'm not recording any midi just live instruments. Would I need to buy any other gear that would make this recording sound great?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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I think the first thing to do would be to read the chapter on Recording in the manual and then just try it out.


I have never used a Toneport UX8 but it seems more than adequate to record live instruments.


If reading the manual is not your thing (I'm not being funny here; a LOT of people find it difficult to read the manual) then try buying some videos from MacProVideo, they are very good at teaching you how to get started in Logic.



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