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Hi. Any FW-1884 users that can help?


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HI there, trying to get my FW-1884 and Logic 7 to play nice together...something of a newb to both. Any tips/advice would be welcome, but mainly the problem I am having is the EQ section seems to do absolutely nothing, and neither do the channel SEL buttons. Faders, pan, the shortcut buttons all work fine.


A short synopsis of assigning encoders to various functions would be grand, because I have no clue. Thanks.

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I am having no luck bank switching, it seems is the problem. The only channels the 1884 will control are the output objects. I can't get it to toggle down to the audio or instrument channels. The bank LEDs don't light, the bank left and right buttons don't seem to be doing anything.
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OK, so I fixed it. It must be some kind of bug, because it kept happening even after I de-installed and re-installed everything. In the set-up window there is a parameter for offsetting fader view, in case you want to bank between channel 3-11 or 7-15 or whatever...it was offset by 26! I don't know how or why. Once I set it back down to 8, it banks in groups of 8.


So, maybe this will help someone else.

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