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Regular live Instruments/Composing with Computer


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Just out of curiousity how many people are using Logic more for recording/editing regular live instruments like guitars, drums, vocals & bass as opposed to more computer type music. I am crossing over from protools so I am curious. It seems Logic can do so much more. ...which eventually i will get into.....sythns etc. Just need to know if Logic will work great for regular live rec/edit Any thoughts are appreciated!!!
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I've never worked with pro tools enough to have an informed opinion comparing the 2, but i can tell you that i've been using Logic for ten years and absolutely love it. it's gotten better and better and better and i'm sure that once you arrange Logic's environment to suit your work style, you'll absolutely love it as well. put some thought into setting up your screensets so you have instant access to the various aspects of Logic that you'll be using the most, and it'll grow from there. It's a fantastic program.
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