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LP6 SD impulses in LP7.1


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I finally got and installed my LP7.0 and 7.1. I was wondering if it possible to keep those LP6 SD impulses somehow in LP 7.1 (I see them in SD preset-window under Logic Pro6) if I remove completely LP6 from my computer?

...So how can I trash LP6 but keep those Impulses?


Thanks, I

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Try moving the .SDIR files from the Logic Pro 6 folder to the Logic Pro 7 folder and make sure they do show up in Pro 7 before erasing Logic Pro 6.


In Logic Pro 6, the IRs are in

/Library/Apllication Support/Emagic/Impulse Responses


In Logic Pro 7, they are in

/Library/Application Support/Logic/Impulse Responses


You might want to keep your presets as well.


Either way make sure you back-up your whole Emagic App Support library onto a CD/DVD before erasing!

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I just realized that you used a term SD Impulses...


In fact there are two different things: presets and IRs. IRs are the audio files that are used to represent an environment, presets are the combinations of all the settings within Space Designer, including which IR it is using.


You need to copy all your presets in the Logic Pro 7 preset folder and then copy all your IRs.


When you open your Pro 6 presets from Pro 7, it will probably look for the IR. Once you help your OS find them, re-save your preset so you don't have to do it everytime.

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Thanks David :)

I managed to copy SD presets and IR's succesfully so that they show up now in my LP7.1. I created a LP6 folder (inside LP7.1 SD) that has those "old" presets.

I did lose my autoload :oops: but I got my environment up and running quite quickly again.


So thanks again for Your quick help.



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