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mpc as midi controller promlem


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I am having trouble with logic reading any midi coming from my mpc. When I plug the midi out to my korg triton then hit the keys midi comes in that I can see on the transport. But when I do the same with my mpc there is no midi input. why? Ive tried everthing . can you please help me. I just want to be able to use the logic sequencer but trigger the mpc sounds using the mpc controller pads. just like I do with my triton. how to I get logics transport to recieve the midi messages from the mpc??????
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ok now i got that working I have another problem. I can only do one track. when I go to record on another track with a different midi channel I get no sounds out of the mpc. How do i get it to work doing different tracks where it will still play the other recorded track and let me create a new track.???? Thanks alot for your help so far
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