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Logic Express 7... losing audio data!


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Hey there...I'm running Logic Express 7 on a G4 Powerbook, Tascam FW-1082 through a LaCie firewire pc card and an external 7200 firewire 800 drive through the powerbook's built-in jack.


My problem is, I record a track or two, play it back, save and everything is lovely. However, seemingly randomly, when I open the song up again, some tracks are blank! It shows the track there, where they was once info, but now there's no audio data! Help! I'm losing some great performances! What's going on?!


I've attached a screen shot.


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i had once a similar problem, check if the recording (audio data) is still physically at the recorded location... e.g. your recording drive, if yes then just import the files again after you reload the song (the arrangement stays the same!), now if you save it it should come up next time you fire the song up, i don't know why this is the case, but basically after i recorded something and saved it, closed the song and fire it up again some audio data disappeared, re-importing it ONCE, saving it, and then reloading the song is fine, it looks like that it is some kind of bug in version7 that the first time saving after a recording is not doing the job propperly. just try that.
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