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Seeing DOTs before my eyes


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Hi pete,..I am also in T.O and have a dualG5 2/3gig ram/logic 7.1.1 and 10.4.3.....but ny name is not pete! I am cosidering purchasing the RME firface and was just wodering if you have had any problems with it . Do you love it? How big is the sound difference in comparison to whatever is in my Dualcore G5?

Havn't noticed any "DOT"s




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altivec optimization.

Thanks again David...

I'm really loving those instruments especially es1,es2 & sculpture, at the moment.. however, I still have never actually managed to ever get through any kind of tutorial on programming synth sounds... I always end up spinning knobs & dials, hitting on some really cool sound and then getting so stoked, I just have to play it & use it...before I know it I'm laying it into a track or writing a new piece of music around it :)

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