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New Mac Pros are Out!

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They've really cinched up the gap between the Mac Pro and the iMac. The old two 2 GHz dual core option that I've been recommending as a good lower price option is gone, and in its place a $2800 dollar machine, or a single processor Power Mac. Anyway, if you have the money, they look great, if not, an iMac.
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To buy that Mac you'd need to sell government secrets.


In another thread I said something about how there's a big gap between the $1199 iMac and the $2799 Mac Pro. Next week, Regular-Ass Mac.


Regular-Ass Mac will look like a Mac Pro tower, but half the height and depth. 2 hard drive spaces, tops. No PCI Express slots. A single Core 2 Duo processor.


Regular Ass Mac - for people who have displays already.

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