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Reason 4.0, MPC, and Logic


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Aiite heres the deal:


My homey picked up a macbook pro at the apple store, now while we was at the apple store my buddy mentioned he n i make beats, and the dude at the apple store suggested we invest in Logic studio 8, he mentioned it was better than pro-tools, n rewires with reason like a dream....We discussed it and decided we would go half on the program....So while my buddy is playing around with his new macbook, im goin over the manual for logic....



I get to the part where the rewiring comes into play but my question gets a bit tricky....


My homey n I produce our tracks on a mpc, n we use reason as sound racks.....We use redrum for drums n all that, n use the mpc to sequence.......


I figured out how to get the reason sounds outta logic, but when were done with a beat, we sequenced everything on the mp, now we wanna record it to Logic.....How do we go along recording the midi from the MPC to Logic??????



BTW we using a M-audio USB Audiophile interface......


We got the midi out from the MPC goin to the midi in of the interface.....

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