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David's book & Logic 8 Apple Loops


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I'm working through David's book and wondered about something in chapter 1, page 12. When I dragged the green apple loop, "Trip Hop Jungle Beat 01" into the Instr track in the Arrange area th first time an error message said, EXS24 Instrument "Dance Kit.exs": Aduio File "YTELELT14X01.aiff" not found. When I click the Continue button Logic puts Trip Hop Jungle Beat 01 on measure 13, even though I dragged it to measure 1. It would not play, even though I see MIDI data in the Piano Roll.


Later I noticed there were 2 Trip Hop Jungle Beat 01 files in the Loop Browser. After searching the Finder I see one is an AIFF file and the 2nd one is a .caf file. The .caf file works. The AIF one is in there because I loaded the Apple Loops For Logic Express Users into Logic 8s Loop Browser. Question:

1) Can Logic 8 utilize AIFF loops at all, or only .caf files?

2) The older Garageband loops on my HD are all AIFF. How can I use those in Logic 8? Can they be converted to .caf somehow?

3) Should I remove the Logic Express AIFF loops out of the L8 bowser, and how do I do that?


Thanks for any help.





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