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Autoload ~ Untitled?


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I'm just getting back to using Logic in my studio, and since I've moved up to OSX and my Dual 2.5 desktop, there are changes and I have questions.


I can no longer make a file a 'Stationary Pad', I can't seem to get my template song to open as Untitled...It only opens as 'Autoload'.


Is this still possible?


I have a bunch of new gear and installs; I'll need to create a few new Enviroments and it seems I must 're-learn' Logic.


I read manuals and appreciate your experience!


Thanks in advance,



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Oops -- I'm giving this a quick edit now, since I just saw the behaviour you were seeing when you wrote this because I deselected "Create Project Folder" in the "New" dialog box.

Since I burned myself losing poorly managed song files in the past I always use this Project Folder method now.


previously i wrote:


Are you on LP7? If so, choose File>New then

Select your template in the first popup and tab down to name your new song file in the next popup menu just below... all in that same initial dialog box

Doing that here even when selecting "autoload" the new name always defaults to "Untitled Project" --though I hardly ever use that name myself.

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