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Splitting MIDI channels on several tracks in real-time?


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I use a software to generate MIDI sequences on several channels simultaneously and I would like to record each channel on a different track in Logic. I know it is easy to do it *after* having recorded. However is it possible to achieve this in real-time , *while* recording? How?


Thank you in advance.

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Go into your environment. AHHHHH!


1) Open up: New -> instrument


2) Open up: New -> Channel Strip -> Software instrument -- create as many as you want


Cable everything together starting with the "Instrument" object.


3) Go into your arrange page and right (or control) click on an instrument track and select your "Instrument" object as the source.


There is a preference you will have to set in order to create "Audio" and "Software Instrument" Channel Strips in the environment. My mind is blanking and I can't remember where it is.


Can someone tell him where that is?


This will give you the instant gratification you want.

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Oops. Sorry. This will not allow you to record the midi data to multiple tracks simultaneously, but the midi data on the "Instrument" track will control ALL of the software instruments you have cabled together in the environment.


Should have read the post carefully...

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