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Logic Freaking out

El Giovanno

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Hello to all,


I am encountering several problems here. Any help is greatly appreciated.


My first problem is that everytime I open logic a system folder called "coreMIDIServer.framework" opens as well. I have no idea why, or if it affects my logic session, but it's there. It acts as an app though because it gives you the option of force-quitting it. Once I force-quit it, logic remains open and usable.


ok, problem #2,


Audio tracks in Logic are driving me insane. every time I record something to a new track, when I go play it back, well it just doesn't play it back at all. and yes my

i/o routing is correct, and my audio interface is selected in the audio preferences pane. in fact, all instrument tracks play back just fine. The only fix I've come across is opening a new track and dragging the audio region I just recorded into the new track. But it sucks to have to do that every time I record a track. I have no idea why this is happening. ANY HELP PLEASE!!! trying to finish a score for a short film.


I'm using 8.0.1 on leopard with an m-audio firwire solo.



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Thanks. I got rid of that popping up. Turns out I had some old digidesign drivers for my old Mbox and once I took them out that foler isn't popping up anymore.


as for the tracks playback problem I was having, It's kind of weird. If I open a new track, don't rename it and record, it plays back just fine. but if I name the track before recording, it doesn't play back, both on stereo and mono audio tracks. I'd like to think of this as some weird coincidence cuz I really can't see why naming before recording would be a problem. Any ideas????


Thanks again gdoubleyou

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