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trouble deciding whether or not to upgrade


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Hi folks,


I'm kind of twisted up by needing to make a decision here. I have Express 8 . I'm thinking of getting the Native Instruments FM8 synth but for a few bucks more I could upgrade to Pro, though it has a lot of stuff I don't need. Since I can't download a demo of Sculpture I'm wondering if those of you who have experiance with both synths could comment. I am aware of all the other goodies I would get with Pro but this really is about the synths. Thanks



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I agree with Dave- Logic has the bare bones of any synth you would need, and all the effects you could want. The Absynths and such are very good, but they are just synthesizers with effects put on them ultimately anyway. I mean, what else can they be?


So you know, I'd go with Logic Studio (I recommend this to anyone, actually) and get to know it. It really tries to give you everything you could ever want- and it doesn't do it. But it's worth seeing exactly what you would want to switch out from it because you'll save money by just filling in Logic's few weak links rather than the reverse.

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