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Worth Upgrading System Drive?

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Hello everyone,


I'm running a Dual 2.5 G5 PPC for heavy orchestral/film sample composition. Thanks to the advice from these wonderful forums, I just recently upgraded my 2nd internal HD to a 750GB for more sample room, and as a result, I now have an apple WD 250 drive sitting here, and I'm wondering if I should make it my system drive.


My current system drive is a 148.93GB, and I've used 121.87GB thus far. I dont foresee any new programs in my future and after some current projects that number should drop a few gigs. However, if my math is correct, my drive is currently about 82% full, and I've heard people say for optimum performance, you should try not to go over 70% on your system drive.


Now, I dont have much experience in these matters, so before I go switching out the drives, I'd love to hear from knowledgeable folks if its even worth it! If it is, do programs like superduper keep all authorizations intact when cloning drives; e.g. Native Instruments stuff where it looks at your "system ID" (whatever that is :) )


Thanks in advance for your reply!

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I certainly would do it.


Pop that new 750 out. Put the 250 into Bay B, and do a complete reformat of it. I would have it do a 'write zero's" full reformat.


SuperDuper works, and I also like Copy Copy Cloner to do a FULL copy/clone of your System Drive. (or, you can use Apple's Disk Utility as well..I just like CCC".




Pop the new Cloned Drive into Bay A, put the 750 back into Bay B. You'll be good to go!


You -MAY- have to reauthorize some software, depending on what you have. I recently replaced my main internal drive with a 500 gig one, and it was pretty painless. I think a few Native Instruments things had to get redone.

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