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Kontakt 2 player automation


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Is there any way to record in automation in Logic Studio for instruments such as Garritan Personal Orchestra?


I'm trying it on a multi-timbral track (i.e. multiple instruments loaded in one Kontakt Player), but nothing's happening. I can't even record basic MIDI automation such as volume levels when Touch is enabled in the Channel Strip.


Anyone know how?



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The Kontakt 2 Player (and the full version, Kontakt 2) has its own Auto Midi Automation that you have to configure and activate yourself. When you open your Kontakt 2 Player program, you'll notice 3 tabs to its left side. The third tab is titled "Auto". Click on it. You're now given two more choices. Click on "Midi Automation". At this point, you'll see all of the midi CC#'s (1 through 127). You can assign (configure) any one of these CC#'s to any of the sound library's graphic turn knobs and faders. For example, from within a selected GPO instrument library, you can select CC#30 to control "Var 1". To do this,use your mouse and right click on CC #30 then physically drag it to "Var 1" while holding down on your mouse's right clicker. You've now assigned CC#30 to "Var 1".


At this point, you need to assign a fader or turn knob of your controller keyboard. I use M-Audio's Keystation Pro 88 because it's loaded with assignable faders and turn knobs. By using the assigned turn knob on your keyboard controller, you now have control over "Var 1". Logic records any and all of the keyboard's controllers that are assigned to any of the Kontakt 2 Player's own assigned Auto Midi Automation (as noted above). I fine-tune the recorded automation using Logic's Hyper Draw function.


There may be another way to doing the same thing, but this is what I do for my sequencing projects. It works just fine.


I hope that this is helpful. :)



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O. K. I'm a creature of habit which, sometimes, can be quite limiting. . . .


I decided to do some experimenting. . . .


My previous post offer you one choice for automation control between the Kontakt 2 Player (and the full version of Kontakt 2), a controlling keyboard and Logic. Well, here's another choice (and it's probably in the manual, which I keep neatly tucked away on a self in a closet, gathering dust).


Again. . . locate the "Auto" tab on the left (browser) side of the Kontakt 2 Player. Besides the "Midi Automation" choice you will notice the "Host Automation" choice. The "Host Automation" choice is the one to utilize if you want to control & record the faders and turn knobs changes within the Kontakt 2 Player (K2P) software. Do the same thing as I mentioned in the previous post but under "Host Automation": drag the CC# that you want to use to any given fader or turn knob within K2P that you wish to automate. NOW you can simply use the fader(s) or turn knob(s) within K2P and have Logic record the automation via the channel strip. For me, it works best when "LATCH" is enabled to record the K2P automation.


Hope this doesn't confuse you. Please forgive me if it does. However, there is more than one way to record automation changes from within K2P. I am used to the option as mentioned in my previous post. But this other choice is also available for you, which, I think, is more to what you are seeking.


Happy composing! :)



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